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SD is a software package for displaying and manipulating subdivision structures. The software is built on the Open Inventor library. It has the capability to perform and interactively display wavelet transforms of spherical data sets.

JPL Solar Magnetic Data

The motivation for this particular incarnation of the SD program came from the solar astronomy group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They were interested in developing a tool for studying the behavior of magnetic fields on the sun. SD has been adapted to read in FITS format data files and map them onto the sphere, then allow interactive display of the scale and wave spaces of a wavelet transform over the surface. The images in the margin are produced from line-of-sight magnetic field magnitude measurements.

SD can easily be adapted to handle other data sources. The online documentation includes complete information about the current release and instructions for adapting SD for your own needs.

Download: sd.tar.gz

Peter Schröder and Wim Sweldems. Spherical Wavelets: Efficiently Representing Functions on the Sphere. In Proceedings of Siggraph 95.

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