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Peter Schröder Peter Schröder is a professor of computer science at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. He received a Master's degree from the MIT Media Lab and a PhD from Princeton University. His research contributions range from massively parallel visualization to physically based modeling, global illumination, wavelets, multiresolution geometry, digital geometry processing, and, most recently discrete differential geometry. The results of his work have been published in venues ranging from Siggraph to special journal issues on wavelets and WIRED magazine. He has lectured on his work widely in North America, Asia, and Europe. His contributions were most recently honored when he received a Humboldt Professorship (CV).

Keenan Crane Keenan Crane is a graduate student in computer science at Caltech. He received his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2007. He is interested in developing new tools for geometric modeling and physical simulation. His past research includes real time simulation of fluids, motion capture for deforming surfaces (such as cloth), surface parameterization aimed at signal processing, and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Patrick Sanan Patrick Sanan is a graduate student in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Caltech. He received a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a BA in Mathematics-Applied Science at the University of California, San Diego and a Master's in Electroacoustic Music Composition at the University of Manchester. He is interested in physical modeling and sound sythesis.

Jinghao Huang Jinghao Huang is a graduate student in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Caltech. He recieved his BS in Mathematics and Physics at Tsinghua Univeristy, Beijing, China in 2007. He is interested in geometric modeling and subdivision.

Alumns: Isaac Chao, Lisa Lyons, Lingfeng Yang, Matthew Fisher, Qian Wang, Pankhudi Pankhudi, Jessica Gray, Julia Ma, Juan Xie, Joshua Adams, Weiwei Yang, Ramanujan Srinivasan, Ian Farmer, Christof Crabbe, Jeff Bolz, Ken Ayers, Aaron Stern, Patrick Mullen, Gary Wu, Michael Astle, Bradley Nelson, Louis Thomas, Emil Praun, Joshua Sacks, John Reese, Daniel Azuma, Martin Nguyen, Jianhui Zhang, Robert Osada, Dmitri Linde, Egon Pasztor, Lena Petrovic, Kiril Vidimce; Patrick Sanan, Jinghao Huang, Keenan Crane, Ke Wang, Liliya Kharevych, Sharif Elcott, Fabio Rossi, Steven Schkolne, Zoë Wood, Tran Gieng, Nathan Litke, Ilja Friedel, Eitan Grinspun, Sylvain Jaume, Andrei Khodakovsky, and Denis Zorin; Boris Springborn, Mathieu Desbrun, Rüdiger Westermann, Fehmi Cirak, Petr Krysl, Adi Levin, Andrei Khodakovsky, Igor Guskov, Burak Aksoylu, Kai Hormann, Markus Grabner

Collaborators: Steffen Weißmann, Tim Hoffmann, Daniel Cremers, Ulrich Reif, Maring Rumpf, Alexander Bobenko, Ulrich Pinkall, Boris Springborn, Wim Sweldens, Mathieu Desbrun, Adi Levin, Leif Kobbelt, Denis Zorin, Ron DeVore, Rüdiger Westermann, Cici Koenig.

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