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Rapid Subdivision Surface Library
This code is source for a library that implements rapid Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces as described in this paper.

Also included is a demo that shows how to use the data structures. This demo creates an opengl window and lets the user view a subdivision surface with an arcball interface.

The name of the .iv/.wrl input mesh is the only command-line argument. The input mesh must consist entirely of quads, and may include tags as defined by Biermann.

The arcball interfaces uses the left mouse button to rotate, and the middle mouse button to zoom. Pressing control or shift and using the middle mouse button will translate. The right mouse button accesses a menu which provides options which can be toggled.

The terminal reports times elapsed for the last few frame refreshes. This includes timesspent evaluating the surface, rendering, and any idle time since the last time the time was reported.

The source code is known to compile under Windows with the Intel C++ compiler. A Pentium III is required to execute the code. This compiler is required to take advantage of SSE instructions. Future versions of Microsoft Visual C++ are expected to also include this functionality. An executable of the demo is included as well.

Download (15.1MB)

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